Visitors Unharmed After Rental Car Plunges 40 Feet off a Maui Cliff

(Image: Hawaii News Now)


Two Seattle visitors escaped unharmed after their rental car plunged 40 feet off a Wailuku cliff side Friday afternoon.

A Maui Fire Department spokesperson says the car stopped on a narrow portion of Kahekili Highway just before 3 p.m. Friday when the driver reversed to make room for a school bus. While backing up, the car went over the side of the cliff, falling 40 feet below.

MFD says the car came to rest on its side after a tree broke the fall and prevented it from falling an additional 20 feet into a ravine.

The two occupants, a 62-year-old male and a 57-year-old woman, were uninjured.

It took rescue crews about two hours to rescue the couple and bring them back up to the roadway.

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